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Is e.l.f. makeup worth the hype? YouTube made me buy it.

LT  Labas! Nežinau, ar pastebėjote, bet nuo tada, kai prieš metus pradėjau dirbti internetinėje kosmetikos parduotuvėje, padaugėjo įrašų apie kosmetiką. Nieko nuostabaus, nes palankių aplinkybių palikti neišnaudotų tikrai nesiruošiu. Taigi, šį kartą noriu aptarti daug diskusijų sukėlusią e.l.f. kosmetiką. Kodėl daug diskusijų? Nors Lietuvoje e.l.f. vis dar yra naujiena, pasaulyje šį prekės ženklą bei jo produktų kainas žino visi, o štai pas mus kai kurių dekoratyvinės kosmetikos priemonių kainos tikrai kandžiojasi, o ypač, kai pradedame lyginti su Amerikos rinka. Iš esmės daugelis turbūt tikėjosi, kad e.l.f. kainos turėtų būti panašios į Catrice, bet čia skirtumą lemia įvairūs niunansai, į kuriuos nesileisiu. Tati dėka naujienoms neatsispyriau ir aš. Youtube galima rasti šimtus dėmesio vertų grožio eksperčių bei ekspertų, bet Tati mano pasitikėjimą užsitarnavo per daugelį metų savo nuoširdaus darbo ir niekada nenuvylusių rekomendacijų, todėl priemones rinkausi atsižvelgdama į tai, kas patiko jai. Kol kas spėjau išbandyti tik tris visiškai skirtingus produktus ir kiekvieną iš jų aptarsiu atskirai.


What to see and where to eat in Barcelona + vlog

EN   I have so much to tell you this time! Two weeks ago me and Mantas, my boyfriend, got back from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, and the whole trip was incredible. To begin with, this was my first ever flight and my first independent trip to a foreign country. Just a quick mention: even though I know it is, I don't consider Latvia to be a foreign country, because I have been there way too many times and it's just too similar to Lithuania. So, the week we went to Spain was actually full of first times and new experiences that I want to talk about. I remember hoping for this trip to be good, because I had to work so hard to be able to get away for a whole week, then eventually got really sick, but had to keep working. Was it really worth it? Well, more than I could have ever imagine.


Review: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

EN   Hello! I've been trying a lot of new products lately, so I am coming back with another review. As you probably can tel by the title, this time it's a makeup product. I am not the one to experiment with different foundations, because I like to stick with what I like a t this point, but Korean makeup has always been something intriguing. We all know how seriously Koreans take their appearance and skin care, and that somehow makes us trust them when it comes to beauty. I chose to put my beloved NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation aside and bought this MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++.


Review: Studios Didier Exclusive gel polish system kit

EN   Hello, beauties! It's been a while since the last review and this time I will write a really long one. That is because I was gifted a gel nail polish manicure system kit by Didier Lab. It is a professional nail care brand which was originally founded in France, but you can find its salons all across Europe now and that is why I will be trying to write as informative text as possible in both English and Lithuanian languages. I always love a little story time, so here it is. If you follow me on my social media, you might have seen that I have worked with them in the past. When I went to their salon in Vilnius for the first time, I was then introduced with this new Studios line for the beginners and had a chance to do my own nails. I did only one hand and, staying true to myself, I chose the weirdest design which started to annoy me the minute I left the salon. There was a clear shimmery powder with a neon blue light reflecting effect and a layer of bright olive green gel nail polish underneath. Looking back, I would love to have my nails done the same way, even though I would most probably regret my choice once again.


#1 Trakai ir diena su Fit Food

EN Hello, everyone! A week and a half ago I had a chance to try a 1 day juice cleanse from Fit Food, which is a Lithuanian healthy food bar. Their lovely marketing manager contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying some of their production. Food and drinks is not really what my blog is about, but being a junk food lover that I am, I was really interested to try something healthier and give my body a rest.

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